Reel Breakdown:


 From Bolt:

All character animation (and only character animation) done by me.


From Ice Age 3:

All character animation done by me, with the exception of the one, greyed-out shot with an "X" through it, which was animated by someone else, and included here for continuity.


From Spyro Skylanders:

Character animation with limited rigs.


From Green Lantern:

Character animation-- blended mo-cap cleanup and keyframe.


From 'A Leg Up' (Student Academy Award-winning film):

All work: character animation, lighting, modeling, etc., done by me, except for the music.


From 'Last Call,' short film:

All work, character animation and otherwise done by me, except for music, voices, and initial head and hand models which were grabbed from a free rig and shaped into what they are in the film (in order to save time/money). The animation in this film is an example of limited animation to fit tight time and budget constraints.


From Wildstar trailer:

Character animation on Aurin (purple-haired girl), Granok (rock guy) and the probe-bot, but not the plant monster. Again, the shot with the "X" through it wasn't mine.